Microsoft SPLA program

Service Provider License Agreement (SPLA), as a software licensing and delivery model, provides a unique opportunity to use the latest version of Microsoft products, without the undue delay in upgrading. Use of the SPLA, licensing decreases the licensing costs by up to 25% comparing with other licenses such as OLP

Why this proposal is the most profitable and how can it maintain your savings?:

Benefits Description
Monthly payments Paying monthly with small amounts is much more advantageous than the entire payment for the software for 1-3 years in advance. “Money today worth more than tomorrow”.
Pay as you go You order exactly the amount of the current necessary products and services for the any period you prefer. You can make an additional order or abandon the unnecessary products at any moment.
Up-to-date software versions According to the SPLA, you’ll always get the Up-to-date software versions and support.
Trial period Not sure? Don’t understand how it works? We are ready to offer you the trial version for 30-60 days.
IT support and administrating* We are ready to offer you deployment, customizing, support services.

*Software deployment is free of charge.
We have flexible prices of support and administrating services – contact us and let us agree!

Special offering! We have extremely low prices for clients engaged in education!

We are ready to provide all the necessary assistance with the SPLA program:

  • Calculation of licenses;
  • Determination of the cost of services (depends on the amount of the ordered services);
  • Assistance in choosing the best license type for software.

Here is the list of the most relevant software:

License code Software name License type
P73-04837 Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Standard* PL (processor)
P71-01031 Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Datacenter PL
TFA-00523 Microsoft SQL Server 2012 WEB Edition 2 Core (cores)
228-05018 Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Standard SAL (seat)
7NQ-00302 Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Standard 2 Core
7JQ-00341 Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Enterprise 2 Core
021-08183 Microsoft Office Standard SAL
79P-01747 Microsoft Office Professional Plus SAL
6WC-00002 Microsoft Remote Desktop Services SAL

Service Provider License Agreement features are quite extensive; these include the creation of public, hybrid and private clouds, as well as the lease of equipment. The above list is far from complete, if you are interested in any product, not shown in the list, – please, don’t hesitate and contact with us.

There are three license types for software: license per “processor”, per “seat” or per ‘core”. Read more

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