Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) ensures continuity of client’s critical IT resources (software, services, applications, etc.).

Due to the respective virtual machine replication from the productive (primary) site to the backup, you’ll be able to almost instantly switch to the backup site in the event of a disaster (unforeseen circumstances depriving the access to the client’s resources).

We have a ready-made solution with the such key parameters as:

  • RPO and RTO of about 15 min
  • Switch (activation) of the first virtual machine in 1-2 minutes
  • 1 (one) recovery point every hour
  • The period of storage of the restore points is up to 24 hours (we provide an option to select the duration of the recovery point storage). If you select 24, then you’ll have 24 restore points during the day.

Our solution…

  • is handy. You don’t need to stop the applications during the replication process.
  • is safe. The whole digital solution (operating system, cloud-based architecture, replication app) is provided by a single software developer ensuring the quality of the service work.
  • has perfect IT support:
    • assistance in the solution deployment;
    • assistance in the Disaster Recovery plan development;
    • regular monitoring of the engaged infrastructure;
    • scheduled testing;
    • assistance in the configuring the application monitoring for failures;
    • *quick switch to the backup according to the designated plan (sequence or order).**

*We will switch the virtual machine only after the client application, unless the recovery plan provides otherwise.

**The service work is quite complicated, that’s why we, as an experienced provider, control all the service processes on our own.


More and more companies in Ukraine realize the importance of using this service. In fact, it is advisable to insure yourself against reputational and financial risks. Work stoppage of critical IT resources will inevitably entail a loss of customers, transactions, and money. Some less critical IT resources failure can also affect business profitability. That’s why we strongly recommend that every company, every client should assess the risks, determine its critical and less critical IT resources, calculate the potential damage to the company in the event of a disaster, prepare a recovery plan (with our assistance if you wish) and order our service.

We are ready to implement a customized solution in full accordance with your requirements

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