We are glad to offer you any type of physical area lease for your physical servers:

Rent of a separate physical space (computer hall)

Using this service, the customer has at his disposal a separate equipped room, furnished with the high-quality power supplies, and cooling of the specified capacity, equipped with the communication channels, systems of automatic gas fire extinguishing, access control, etc.
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Rent of the a dedicated area within the common machine hall

In this case, the customer has at his disposal a part of the overall machine hall, but this leased piece is enclosed from the main space and racks of the other customers with the protection grate.
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Rent of a cabinet or its part in the common machine room

By selecting this service, the customer has at his disposal a cabinet with a height of 48 units, in which the equipment with a total capacity of 8 kW can be installed. Although the cabinet is in the common room, only the tenant has the physical access to its contents.
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