F.A.Q. about BaaS

F.A.Q. about BaaS

What amount of free space is needed to create a backup (excluding via-FTP option)?

Backup volume is always bigger than main VM’s volume since it consists of various backup volumes (primary copy, recovery point, logs, place for checking the consistency, etc.).

Typically, if you make a backup of VM, you will need free space ≥ 1.5 * VM.


The principle of calculating of the allocated space in DPM by default” table shows the formula for calculating the required storage space for the corresponding data.

In case of self-service control, we recommend you to learn more about the features of its work.

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Tell me about the backup speed.

Backup speed depends on the throughput capacity.

Volume of the data protected 100 Mbit/s
1 GB < 1
50 GB 1.5
200 GB 6

What disk storage is used in what RAID drives?

  • Disk storage is provided by leading vendors – NetApp
  • Disk storage was built with the greatest possible fault-tolerance, with the necessary and sufficient number of Hot-pairs (the replacement disks), several groups within the several RAID drives (6 and 5).

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