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Occasional backup, management by the data center team

It is advisable to use this option when you do not plan to create regular backups. Not more than 4 times copies / updates per month. Our data center team make all the backup activities. You provide access to the data (see. Transmission technology), we transfer them to the storage.

  • Upload to the data center storage on customer’s demand;
  • Emergency recovery of virtual machines from the backup files to a workspace on request;
  • Upload a backup copy of the virtual machine to the free disk space on request.

Saving files, data, independent management via FTP-protocol

This option is useful if you want to store information as finished files. This applies if a backup, for example, the virtual machine was created earlier or need to keep a copy of any files in the clear.

  • The user receives a folder with access permissions through login/password;
  • Software – not available.

Regular backups, independent management

Total freedom of action. Users can manage their own backups, using the full functionality of DPM (System Center) software: encryption, configuration settings, delete backups, and more (detailed documentation).

There is nothing complicated. Our specialists will deploy all the software to you (backup server and agents in the VM, from which the backup will be created) and, if necessary, help to make the initial settings and teach to use the basic functions.

  • Deployment of the virtual server for backup management;
  • DPM (System Center) software is available.

Regular backups, management by the data center team

Our team of professionals, based on the experience of service provision, will take over the management of backups. You only need to give instructions about the area and time of copying (according to special parameters).

To verify the correctness of the services we provide, we create a trial backup. Only after you confirm that the backup is correct, we begin to provide full services.

  • Deploying services through the integration of agents for backup;
  • Software is not available.

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