Backup as a Service (BaaS)

BaaS (Backup as a Service) – this service allows you to recover data in the event of its damage or loss.

You can be confident, that your data will be restored if suddenly such unforeseen circumstances as damage to the database by the malware, human or software fails will arise.

In most cases, one copy of the database is enough, but you can make several, if necessary. For example, developers and testers of the new software create several backup copies of data (application) in order to be able to test the developed software compatibility with different (new / old) versions or to be able to downgrade to a previous version of the software, if the latest build was unsuccessful.

  • It’s handy. Create backups without application or virtual server shutdowns.
  • It’s safe. The whole digital solution is provided by a single software developer ensuring the quality of the service work.
  • It’s customizable. Create the necessary amount of backups, choose the time interval between them or delete the redundant ones, manage the existing backups and restore separate files and the whole database alike.
  • It’s thoroughly developed. Apart from backup settings customization and backup management, you will also be able to receive notifications about backup processes (“copying …. successful”), monitor the service and carry out the analytics.
  • IT support. Our team will help you with the organization of analytics, reporting, and notification settings free of charge.

It’s a win-win proposal! Frequently, data loss = loss of business. Therefore, we offer to insure your business from collapse, especially because of the minimum cost of the service = software license cost + disk space for backups.

The time for backups has come.

Super price – 1 UAH/1 GB!

We have flexible terms of service!

All data is stored on a separate from the “Parkovyi” cloud fault-tolerant NetApp disk storage. When necessary, you can place the backup in our partner’s data center in Ukraine or abroad.

Service options

Ways of delivering the information to the backup storage:

  • From your physical infrastructure
  • From your virtual client infrastructure (another cloud, location doesn’t matter)
  • From your physical medium (HDD, SSD, USB)

Backup setting parameters

  • Backup storage term – 1-448 days
  • Backup frequency – 0:00-23:59
  • Minimum interval – every 30 min.


Do you still have some questions? – see F.A.Q.