Rent of the virtual servers and storage space

In the datacenter “PARKOVYI”, you can rent not only physical, but also virtual infrastructure. The most popular service of this kind in Ukraine is to rent the virtual servers – VPS (Virtual Private Server) or VDS (Virtual Dedicated Server).

Having requested this service, the customer receives at his disposal part of the resources on a powerful physical server (processing power, disk space, memory, communication channels), which are fully administered and managed by the customer. Such a version is optimal in the case where the lease of a whole physical server is redundant to the client. As demand grows, the number of the virtual servers can be increased to the required limit. It would be possible to create an entire virtual computing infrastructure.

In some cases, the client may need the offsite reserve data storage, for instance, to implement disaster resistance of its own IT infrastructure. For this purpose it is possible to rent a portion of the protected space in the datacenter “PARKOVYI” and to place there the backup. The level of the data center reliability and the high-speed links provide customers with the highest degree of availability of the stored information.