Rent of a separate physical space (computer hall)

Using this service, the customer has at his disposal a separate equipped room, furnished with the high-quality power supplies, and cooling of the specified capacity, equipped with the communication channels, systems of automatic gas fire extinguishing, access control, etc.

All parameters of the engineering infrastructure correspond to the level Tier III Uptime Institute. In fact, the client leases a full-fledged highly reliable data center, ready for the immediate use. The customer can place his equipment in the standard cabinets APC NetShelter SX 48U, provided by the operator, or set his own cabinets (for example, in the case of use of the mainframes, specialized servers, storage systems).

Each computer hall is equipped according to the individual client objectives, for solving of which the necessary physical space is allocated, as well as cooling and electric power and communication channels. Shielding is done and certified in several halls in accordance with the requirements of the NBU Resolution number 243 of 4 June 2007. These premises will be especially handy for banks and government agencies.