Rent of the cloud infrastructure

The cloud services are now an integral part of the contemporary enterprise IT. Every day increases their integration into the business processes of organizations of all levels – from SMB, to the largest commercial enterprises and government agencies.

The datacenter “PARKOVYI” offers its clients a variety of the cloud services that are deployed on the basis of the most modern software and hardware platform. As part of the solution Cisco Nexus 7000 switches, servers Cisco UCS, storage systems EMC, software of VMware and Microsoft, and a whole range of other innovations can be named. This platform allows providing a wide range of cloud services, as well as flexibly and quickly adapting them to the specific needs of the customer.

In the datacenter “PARKOVYI” a client has a comprehensive protected virtual computing infrastructure consisting of a set of servers, storage, communication channels and other elements. The customer may operate remotely with this infrastructure, in the same way as with the physical system. In this case, the payment is charged only for the actually consumed computing resources, and the connection / disconnection of additional capacity is performed on-demand, in the course of tens of minutes (in complicated cases up to several hours). This allows making significant savings on capital investments in IT, whilst at the same time receiving flexible adaptive, productive and reliable infrastructure. The virtual computing system may act not only as an independent resource, but also to be integrated into the existing IT infrastructure of the customer, expanding its capabilities or by providing additional processing power during the peak demand.

It is also important that all physical computing resources, on the basis of which the cloud services are provided, are located in the datacenter “PARKOVYI” and, consequently, their availability is ensured by the certified engineering infrastructure of the Tier III level.