Services of the Datacenter “PARKOVYI”

The “PARKOVYI” is the most modern, powerful and reliable commercial data center in Ukraine. The range of services offered to clients is extremely wide and currently includes more than a dozen key positions. But this is not the limit – the list of services to be extended further, in addition, there is the possibility of implementing specialized services aimed at addressing the unique challenges of the most demanding customers.

  • Colocation
    We are glad to offer you any type of physical area lease for your physical servers:

    Rent of a separate physical space (computer hall)
    Using this service, the customer has at his disposal a separate equipped room, furnished with the high-quality power supplies, and cooling of the specified capacity, equipped with the communication channels, systems of automatic gas fire extinguishing, access control, etc.
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    Rent of the a dedicated area within the common machine hall
    In this case, the customer has at his disposal a part of the overall machine hall, but this leased piece is enclosed from the main space and racks of the other customers with the protection grate.
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    Rent of a cabinet or its part in the common machine room
    By selecting this service, the customer has at his disposal a cabinet with a height of 48 units, in which the equipment with a total capacity of 8 kW can be installed. Although the cabinet is in the common room, only the tenant has the physical access to its contents.
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  • Cloud solutions (IaaS)

    Rent of the virtual servers and storage space
    In the datacenter, “PARKOVYI” you can rent not only physical, but also virtual infrastructure. The most popular service of this kind in Ukraine is to rent the virtual servers – VPS (Virtual Private Server) or VDS (Virtual Dedicated Server).
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    Rent of the cloud infrastructure
    The cloud services are now an integral part of the contemporary enterprise IT. Every day increases their integration into the business processes of organizations of all levels – from SMB, to the largest commercial enterprises and government agencies.
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  • Backup as a Service (BaaS)
    Baas Service will protect your data from irreversible damage caused mostly by human error, malfunctioning of application software, malware (viruses).

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  • Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)
    DRaas ensures continuity of client’s critical IT resources (software, services, applications, etc.).

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  • Software as a Service (SaaS)
    Our own software infrastructure deployed in the datacenter, “PARKOVYI” and close cooperation with the world’s software companies, such, for example, as Microsoft and SAP, enables us to provide clients with wide opportunities of the specialized software lease.

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  • Other services
    Among the multitude of services of the data center “Parkovyi” a whole range of specialized services is available.

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