Technical characteristics

General indicators

Total area, m2 2715
Area of the computer halls, m2 930
The number of the computer halls, pcs 14
Total electric power, MW 4
Electrical power per rack, kW 6
The maximum number of the client racks, pcs 402

General description of the network infrastructure, access to the world and within the country

What level of TA the data center does correspond to? TIER III. It is possible to carry out maintenance work without stopping the services provided on the basis of the data center. The engineering systems are reserved once; there are several distribution channels of power supply and cooling, however, but, only one of them. is constantly active.
Reservation service providers access – several providers of the routes Yes
Redundant trunk conduit Yes


There are no exterior windows on the perimeter of the machine hall Yes
Video surveillance: the perimeter of the building, generators, UPS rooms Yes
There is a detached building No

Electric system

The number of the supply ways 2
Input from the public network Yes
Redundancy UPS Yes (N +1) at the level of the power modules, as well as at the level of UPS enginery

Mechanical equipment

Trails of the water and drainage pipes in the data center premises, not related to its equipment No
Back-up power supply from the UPS to the air-conditioning equipment Yes
Number of the air conditioners, pumps, chillers is enough to support the critically important area with the loss of one source of power supply Yes
Storage tanks for diesel fuel Yes
Fire extinguishing system with the non-polluting gas agent Yes

Electric power supply

Guaranteed power supply Yes
Generators 4 x FG Wilson – LL9124H (Prime 1700kVA)

Uninterrupted power supply

UPS 3 x Symmetra MW 1.600kW
The list of critical consumers IT equipment, air-conditioning (M3, switchboard, TA), internal pump group
Power supply circuit of the racks 2N

Control of temperature and humidity

Temperature limit in the halls Yes
Humidity Yes
Hot and cold corridors Yes
Air conditioning, reservation InRow RC (N+1) Uniflair (N+1)
Excessive number of air conditioners Yes
Lines of the air conditioning system duplicated Yes

Systems of the premises security

Passing system Yes
System of the sensors’ control Yes
Video surveillance system Yes

Data on SCS and LAN

Cabling (backbone and horizontal) Panduit
Distribution cabinets of the halls Half Rack PDU
Client cabinets NetShelter SX 48U
Racks in the telecom-apparatus rooms NetShelter SX 48U

Description of the customers features

Common halls 5 (450 m2)
Private halls (shielded) 9 (480 m2), on request
Possibility of temporary deployment of the working places in the center No