Fire extinguishing system

It is easier and better to prevent a fire than to put it out. It is therefore important to identify the risk at the stage of its formation, to take appropriate measures and timely eliminate it.

The data center is equipped with a fire alarm and automatic gas fire suppression system.To detect hearths of fire at an early stage, the data center uses a special system VESDA based on aspirating sensors that continuously analyzes the air composition in the machine room, and when the first micro particles of burning appear the alarm gives a signal or the fire suppression system is activated. Each of the fourteen computer halls of the data center “Parkovy” comes with independent gas fire extinguishing system on the basis of the innovative gas Novec 1230 (also known as “liquid water”) that allows you to eliminate the spread of fire, without damaging customer’s equipment. Besides Novec 1230 is harmless to humans.