Cooling system

The cooling system consists of six chillers APC Uniflair with the cooling capacity of 664 kW each. The chillers operate on the two-loop scheme and are equipped with the free cooling function, which in the conditions of Kiev allows to use for cooling the outside air for the most part of the year. This ensures high levels of energy efficiency for the entire data center.

Cooling of the equipment in the machine room is provided by the water in-row precision conditioners APC InRow RC, with the cooling capacity up to 18 kW each. All key components – the chillers, air conditioners, elements of the liquid mains are reserved according to the scheme N +1 that is, are fully fault tolerant.

The combination of the in-row and hall air conditioners can provide cooling of the IT equipment from any direction (front / rear / side panels / top / bottom). This is especially important for the customers using special proprietary solutions (such as mainframes and high-end servers), since in this case the standard cooling schemes are often not appropriate.

The microclimate parameters inside the computer rooms, by temperature and humidity, are fully compliant with the ASHRAE TC 9.9 requirements.