System of the guaranteed power supply

The datacenter “PARKOVYI” is connected to two independent substations of which it receives two electrical inputs of the first category with 4 MW of power, main and backup power.

Let us recall that the first category of the power supply is used to connect the facilities, a break in the work of which may present a risk to human life, security threat, considerable property damage, violation of a complex technological process, etc. This alone allows to add the “Parkovyi” to a number of highly reliable complexes, but there are other elements to prevent accidents – UPS and diesel generator sets. Switching between the primary and backup power sources is carried out by the ATS made by Schneider Electric.

There are three UPS systems APC Symmetra MW, 1.6 MW capacity each. In this case, two levels of redundancy are used: the external one, when UPS themselves are connected by N +1 scheme and the interior one – at the level of the components of each individual Symmetra MW.

If main and backup power source is lost, four diesel generator FG Wilson will start automaticly, 1.4 MW each. Tthe level of redundancy also N + 1. Two fuel tanks allow datacenter to work for at least twenty-four hours.