Security and Access Control

Physical security and access control is provided through a variety of interconnected systems, which include motion sensors, magnetic locks (that are unlocked by the CMAP cards), armored door, alarm system. The site has a strict access control, access gateway system, physical protection of the territory and the central control point of security.

The conditional access systems operate on all possible levels – of the machine hall, designated zones, separate cabinets. Besides, a powerful video surveillance system based on the Cisco IP-cameras is deployed on the site with built-in video analytics functions, allowing you to control all the actions taking place in the data center. Recordings made at the facility are stored in the video archive, which allows in case of an incident to reproduce the entire sequence of the preceding events.

If necessary, the clients can gain a remote access to certain IP-cameras and perform monitoring of their equipment in the real-time regime. In addition, the data center uses a complex system of monitoring of the environmental parameters, inter alia temperature and humidity in the machine hall, as well as other important parameters of the complex. All information is conveyed to a single control center, which is served by its own qualified operators round the clock.