What is the “Parkovyi”?

The Datacenter “PARKOVYI” is the best commercial data center in Ukraine!

Providing our customers with the highest quality data center services, we ground on state-of-the-art engineering infrastructure of the data center. All parameters of which are fully conform to Tier III requirements. It ensures that all components of the data center are redundant and correspond to the highest level of reliability.

The Tier III level of reliability means that any component of the data center’s physical infrastructure can be taken out of commercial operation for the repair or maintenance work without stopping the provision of services to clients. The accessibility index in this case is 99.982% (total system’s downtime cannot exceed 1 hour and 35 minutes a year, though the complex is open 24/7/365).

More information about the reliability of datacenter More information about the reliability of datacenter “PARKOVYI”

The Tier III level data centers are used worldwide, especially by those organizations for which even minor interruptions are critical. Among them are banks, processing centers, brokers companies, stock exchanges, services of the on-line sales, government agencies, law enforcement agencies, logistics and manufacturing companies, etc.

An important feature of the datacenter “PARKOVYI” is that it was originally designed and built in accordance with the Tier III parameters.

What makes the “Parkovyi” unique?

t is not only the proven highest level of reliability that makes the datacenter “PARKOVYI” unique in Ukraine. The scale of the complex, its power and energy efficiency abilities are also unprecedented in our country and put it on one level with the well-known international sites located in the U.S. and the EU.

The total area of the datacenter “PARKOVYI” is 2715 sq.m. Of these, 930 square meters, are occupied by fourteen computer halls that can accommodate 400 cabinets with the customers’ equipment. The adaptable modular system InfraStruXure, developed by the APC Schneider Electric company represents apparatus foundation of the engineering infrastructure of the data center.

Nine shielded halls, a total area of 480 square meters, are used for placement of individual customers and can be rented in whole, the other five (450 square meters) are designed for general use – they can be rented by separate racks. Note that the potential amount of cabinets is a number though very interesting, but not critical. Much more important for the real client’s tasks is an actual power of the systems of electric power supply and cooling. The datacenter “PARKOVYI” is connected to two independent substations from which it receives two electrical inputs of the first category with 4 MW of power sources, main and backup power. Accordingly, each cabinet can accommodate the equipment with a capacity of 6 kW. This is sufficient to meet the challenges of the vast majority of potential customers. In case of special requirements power per a cabinet for individual consumers can be increased to a desired level up to 15 kW and more.

The load capacity of the floor in the premises where the data center is located comprises 1500 kg / sq. m, which allows you to not worry about the weight of the placed equipment, and special fire-resistant constructions ensure that the client systems would not suffer from the heat, even if the machine room is surrounded by the open flame for a whole hour.

The best energy efficiency

The most important parameter for any commercial data center is an indicator of energy efficiency – PUE. The less is this indicator the better for the customer – hence, more power (payment for which comprises the lion’s share of the cost of services of the commercial data center) is used directly by the client hardware and less by the infrastructure systems. In the world practice 1.3-1.35 is considered as a good annual average PUE – namely this performance level is provided by the data center “Parkovy”. It should be added that for the other Ukrainian commercial data centers this ratio is at best 1.6. Note that even in the most difficult conditions the guaranteed PUE level of the datacenter “PARKOVYI” will not exceed an annual projected average of 1.35.

Accommodation in the center of the capital

Physically, the datacenter “PARKOVYI” is located in the heart of Kiev, which is optimal from the point of view of the organization of the communication lines. The distance to the most distant point of the city is not more than 17 km. No matter what role is played by the client platform in the datacenter “PARKOVYI” – whether it is a primary or a backup data center – a prime location of the facility will allow customers to save on the organization of the channels of transportation.

In accordance with the requirements of the National Bank and Department of Special Telecommunication Systems and Information Protection (DSTSIP)

The datacenter “PARKOVYI” is designed for a wide range of customers who need high reliability and quality of service. At the same time, on the base of the complex several spaces are allocated for the special category of consumers – primarily governmental and financial institutions. In these areas all the necessary works on shielding were made. This allowed to certify them in accordance with the requirements of the NBU № 243 of June 4, 2007, and receive a certificate DSTSI SBU.

Own channels of communication

The datacenter “PARKOVYI” has its own backbone fiber-optic network, which provides customers with the data channels of any necessary bandwidth – both for the internal use and for the access to the Internet. Here, both types of channels do not intersect any way. The network of the data center is connected to the major national and international traffic exchange points.

24 hours a day, 7 days a week

The datacenter “PARKOVYI” is working for you at the maximum level 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.